While you're seeking relief from yeast-related symptoms, don't be surprised if you feel overwhelmed and unsure about where to start. Each month in this section, you'll find a tool to help you simplify this process. Contact us with any ideas you'd like us to include here to share with others.

Try This:

Every day, take one action – no matter how small – towards your goal of caring for yourself. By month's end you'll have moved at least 30 steps closer to relief.



• Say “no” to someone today to give yourself more rest time.
• Buy a joke book at a garage sale to read and laugh.
• Drink water instead of soda at lunch.
• Take a walk around the neighborhood or at a local park.

See how daily small steps can add up over a course of a month, and over a year, to incredible progress? Check out our Yeast-Fighting Program for lots of ideas to get you started on your daily actions.

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