The Yeast Connection and Women's Health is a must-read for any woman stymied with unexplained fatigue or other health problems. But don't just take our word for it. Read an excerpt from Dr. William Crook's latest addition to the Yeast Connection library.

Martha’s Story

Martha’s illness started with a viral infection that caused liver damage. Although she apparently recovered, she developed recurrent episodes of mood swings. Two and a half weeks up, two and a half weeks down – that completely took over her life.

Imagine the whole world spray-painted gray or being in a small windowless cell or tunnel…I used to feel that I had 50-pound weights on each foot and — 30-pound weights on each wrist…If someone had (flown me) to London and Paris (with) $15,000 spending money, I would have been completely unmoved. Nothing could trigger a flicker of interest…

(During the manic stage) I was king of the castle, drunk with joy, bursting with crazy schemes, on the go literally 22 hours a day, talking nonstop, constantly interrupting, spending money like water, smashing up the car…I was diagnosed…as a “textbook case” of manic depression. Over the whole depression period, I had been sent to a string of different specialists for what seemed quite unrelated conditions.

…In spite of the tears and the new insights, the manic depression didn’t go away…Then…my general practitioner prescribed…nystatin…for the candida, plus large doses of B vitamins and calcium. The bouts of mania stopped immediately, the depressions became briefer and much less severe; within three months, they disappeared.

…I can hear the doctors say, “You would have recovered anyway.” But to me, it is beyond a reasonable doubt that candida/nysatin was the answer. It was the only new factor after nine years of illness…

My Comments

Depression and manic-depression, like chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and other disorders described in this book, can develop from many different causes. These include genetic factors, nutritional deficiencies, endocrine disturbances, viral infections, chemical sensitivities and toxicities and psychological stress or trauma.

I do not want …anyone to think I’m saying that Candida albicans is the cause of depression. Yet, if you suffer from any disabling disorder and have a history of …prolonged antibiotic use, persistent digestive symptoms, and/or recurrent vaginal yeast infections, a comprehensive treatment program that features oral antifungal medications and a special diet may enable you to change your life.

For my patients, (these) did not provide a “quick fix,” but 85% improved significantly following the anti-candida program.

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