The Yeast Connection and Women's Health, the latest offering in the Yeast Connection series, offers specific help for women suffering from yeast issues.
Use our custom-designed charts and forms to apply the recommendations in the book. Each chart is matched with a particular page in the chapters for easy use with your book. Read an excerpt and then purchase your own copy.

If you're overwhelmed by candida, key supplements can quickly help restore balance in your body and brain chemistry. Check out our Yeast-Fighting Program for recommendations from Dr. Crook's original anti-candida research.



Take Dr. Crook's famous yeast evaluation quiz and find out. Then follow our Yeast-Fighting Program and take charge of your health!


Dr. Crook's extensive study of the relationship between health and candida has been well-documented and incorporated into a number of books that will help you begin your healing process. Find them in our Store.

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